Accounts Writing & Finance Management Services

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Accfin Provides this Services to :-

  1. Small & Medium Trading companies
  2. Services Providing companies
  3. Start - Up companies
  4. Cooperative Housing Societies

(These types of companies are mainly like - Sole Proprietorship Companies, Registered and Unregistered Partnership Firms, Limited Liabilities Partnership Firms & Private Ltd. Companies, HUFs, and AOPs).

Normally in the above mentioned Companies - a full time Accountant is employed but it is not necessary to employ an Accountant when ACCFIN can do the entire Accounting work at a very reduced cost and very fast & quickly.

We provide & maintain these complete Accounting services according to the liking of Entrepreneurs /Owners/Companies management - so they have not to bother about the Accounting Side and they just have to concentrate on their Core Duties i.e Sales & Marketing & Research &Development and accordingly start making their Business Grow Bigger and Make Profits.

We undertake to maintain Accounts on a daily basis or month to month basis thus keeping the accounts always Updated in all respects and the Accounts Information available at any required time.,

Accfin Provides the following services on On-Line basis :-

  1. Complete & Full fledged Professional Accounts Writing Services on Online basis - from Maintaining & Entering of various transactions into the Books of Accounts - and then Posting into the respective Ledgers & then Extracting of Trial Balance and preparing of Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets i.e upto Finalization Of Accounts - Along with Reconcialtion of Bank Statements. We can produce all kind of Management Reports, Statements, with colourful Diagrams & Graphs, Budgets, Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statements & Accounts Receivable Ageing analysis and Accounts Payable Aging analysis Reports.
  2. Taxation Preparation & Compliance Services - Like registering your organizations with the authorities, Filling and E-Filing of various Forms & Returns on their due dates consistently, promptly & regularly with the proper taxation rates with respect to GST we can handle all the work required for Entire GST Law, Entire Income.Tax Act & Professional Tax etc. We assist our Customers/Clients, up-to representing them to the Taxation authorities.
  3. Internal Auditing and Reporting Services.
  4. Internal Auditing and Reporting Services.
  5. Management Accounting
  6. Financial Budgets & Forecasting
  7. And any other Reports required.

And we provide these services during the Current Year 2017 – 18 and onwards.

And if required for any pending Previous Years if it is not completed.

Accfin Provides these above mentioned Services at a 50% Discounted rate of the normal costs you generally incur in the recructing & employing Accounting Staff- that means you pay very less to ACCFIN SERVICES than - you are paying at present to your Accounting Staff.

Also we complete our jobs in a Quick & Fast way i.e. nearly 50% of the time our clients require usually. Normally the Owners doesn’t require time to employ an Accountant or keep a In house Accounts Department for Accounts writing & Taxation purpose.

Accfin provides these accounts writing services on Tally ERP 9 Accounting package is compatible with MS Excel this package is preferred by your Chartered Accountant consultants at the year end for Taxation and StatutoryAudit purposes. So it becomes very convenient in between you and your Chartered Accountant. The accounts work done on Tally ERP 9can be easily imported & exported in M.S. Excel if required.

We also maintain Accounts on QuickBooks Accounting package which is the future of Accounts Writing Services & is from USA – very popular in Canada, UK , Australia, New Zealand & many more countries and is based on the New Cloud technology and it is gaining global popularity very fast. ( Also the new GST Law is based on Cloud Technology).

QuickBooks Online Accounting package works at Anytime & Anywhere & on Any device. It is very quick, fast & secured in working – your Accounting Data is stored & secured and saved permanently in only one place – i.e. The cloud base, the new technology network at your owned secured storage place – with bank like security systems plus it has more or less all the features of Tally ERP 9 incorporated in it and also regarding export/import facilty to M.s.Excel.

Quick Books updates & the latest position of Accounts on daily basis & assists the management Any time and Any where in the world.

And this package works on Desk Top PCs, Laptops, Note Books, Tablets and Smart Mobile phones . As well and we take the responsibility to install this accounting packages for our clients and we also train our clients fully in using this package. Decision makers where ever they are stationed in the world so they can take quick decisions with the help of this package.

Let us show our clients how they can make more & more profits using our services and they can grow their Business fast with no hurdles by completely focusing on the core business of their company like Sales & Marketing, R & D and Manufacturing.

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