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In India many tax paying companies which are of Small & Medium nature and Startup Companies and individuals or partnership firms do not maintain Accounts during the year but they maintain and compile their Accounts in the last month i.e, at the end of financial accounting year , before taxation and other formalities and compliances are to be completed or maintain the accounts in M.S. Excel so that they can pay Tax properly to the Government. We assist such companies to compile and present their Accounts in a professional and presentable way for the full Accounting year - in the last month of the year & pay the tax properly and on time efficiently and accurately and there are no Penalties and Fines to be bourne by the companies.

Therefore the business owners or entrepreneurs who are mainly of young generation - do not wish to have their own in-house Accounts Department and wish to concentrate on their core business. They are very cost conscious and cost minded and look to out-source such service companies like ACCFIN SERVICES- who perform the Accounts writing, taxation & Company law work and the other miscellaneous related work like we will do for the Accounting year 2015-16 and 2016-17.

We offer our services with high level standards of professionalism, excellent & fast deliveries, personal touch, ethical and full commitment to our clients- these are the qualities of us which have helped us to gain trust & appreciation from our clients . We are expert and professionals in providing these services and having a vast experienced & knowledgeable staff & messenger boys for deliveries for supporting our operations & for providing these services efficiently.

We also have at our disposal the back end services of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers and other Professionals.